Prospectr by ConvertLead Review [Neil Napier] |100% legit in 2023

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Prospectr by ConvertLead Review-What is Prospectr by ConvertLead?

The Prospectr by ConvertLead Standard information is a cutting edge AI powered lead finder designed to revolutionize your lead generation process. It will help to discover fresh leads from Facebook in real time, identify the most suitable leads for your social media marketing services with allowing you to focus on the highest potential leads.

How Does Prospectr Standard information Work?

It works just simple 3 Steps:
Search (Enter a key phrase and location and start searching)

AI Discover

Engage & Close
Use AI Assistant to write your custom business proposals and easily reach out to prospectcs and close them from within the same dashboard.

Short Summery of the Prospectr Standard information-Review:

  • Product Name: Prospectr by Convertlead
  • Vendor Name: Neil Napier
  • Front-end price: $37
  • Launch Date: 2023-Sep-21
  • Rating:4.9 out of 5
  • Recommend: Highly
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Support: 24/7
  • Niche:Software

What You will get inside the Prospectr Standard information:

Real-Time AI Lead Generation: Get ahead of your competition with instant access to AI-vetted ultra-high-quality leads at the push of a button.
AI Lead Scoring: Use AI to pinpoint and prioritize top leads swiftly.
AI Assistant: Create customized reports, proposals, and cold emails with the built-in AI assistant.
Highly Targeted Leads: Double your sales by focusing on prospects genuinely interested in what you have to offer.
Easy Lead Management: Organize leads according to your preferences to save time and prevent costly oversights.
Direct Outreach: Reach out to your clients three ways directly without leaving the dashboard for a second.
One-Time Payment: Pay once, find as many leads as you want, and avoid monthly fees.

Why You Should Grab this Prospectr Standard information:

  • Time-Saving Tool:
  • High-Quality Leads:
  • Budget-Friendly:
  • User-Friendly Interface:
  • Real-Time Results:
  • Scalability:

How to Make Money With Prospectr Standard information

  • Email marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Social media marketing
  • Content creating
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • and so much more—-
  • Video marketing

Review with Prospectr By convertlead Standard information -Awesome features of this Product:

Real-Time AI-Powered Lead Discovery Engine
Boost your prospecting game with our Real-Time Lead Discovery Engine, powered by AI and designed to sift through the noise and hand you a goldmine of leads.
With up-to-the-minute AI-evaluated info straight from Facebook, you’re always one step ahead, targeting businesses actively needing social media marketing.
no more manual searches or outdated data—stay ahead of the curve and beat your competition every time.
AI-Enhanced Lead Enrichment
Why settle for the basics when you can turn your bookmarked leads into super-detailed profiles?
Our Artificial Intelligence-enhanced lead enrichment system jumps in when you tag a lead, automatically filling up its database with all the vital stuff like contact numbers, customer reviews, and even page rankings.
It’s like having your research squad, but turbocharged and fast.
AI-Prospect Scoring System
No need to stress over guesswork or spending endless hours analyzing potential leads. Our AI-Prospect Scoring System takes the hassle out of evaluation.
Using super-smart AI algorithms, it dives into loads of data and gives you a comprehensive assessment, so you can see which prospects are hot.
With this kind of insight, you’ll focus your energy on leads practically begging to be converted, saving time and boosting your ROI.
Universal AI-Widget
Our Universal AI Widget is not just a feature; it’s a game-changer.
With a singular dashboard that centralizes your marketing efforts, you can draft:
custom outreach campaigns
whip up proposals
nail those cold emails
or generate report text snippets on the fly.
Rapid Keyword & Geolocation Search
Introducing a search feature that’s as dynamic as your business needs.
Enter your target profession and location, and generate a list of leads tailored to your specifications in minutes.

Is it Legit for 2023?

Yes, It is Legit for 2023. It works incredible

It’s like tossing a net into a sea of potential, reeling in prospects practically waving their hands for your services. It’s not just a search but a laser-guided missile aimed at your market bullseye.
Exhaustive Lead Data Suite
Get all the nitty-gritty details about each lead with our Exhaustive Lead Data Suite.
Desktop Calls via Twilio Integration
Simplify your workflow with our integrated Twilio desktop calling feature. Make clear calls directly from the Prospectr interface; no need to switch apps. It’s like your phone and prospect list becoming roommates, making your outreach tasks smooth and productive.
One-Click Email Outreach
Ditch the email hassle for good! Prospectr’s One-Click Email Outreach feature hooks you up with SMTP to shoot off personalized emails straight from the app.
Just one click, and you’re in their inbox, making your mark where it counts.
Social Reviews Insight
Website Presence Checker
Instant Messenger Connection
Pre-Loaded Messenger Cold Outreach Scripts
Seamless Integration with External Tools

Prospectr by convertlead Standard information works for:

  • Social Media Marketing Agencies
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Small Business Owners
  • Start-Up Companies
  • Marketing Consultants
  • E-commerce Businesses
  • SEO Agencies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Content Marketing Agencies
  • Public Relations Firms
  • Web Development Agencies

Review with Prospectr by Convertlead-Funnel Details:

Real-Time Lead Discovery Tool
AI Lead Enrichment Technology (credit based)
AI-Prospect Score
Universal AI-Widget (with 300k free words)
Rapid Keyword and Location Search
Comprehensive Lead Data
Desktop Calls (Twilio integration)
1-click email outreach (SMTP integration)
Social Reviews Insight
Website Presence Check
Instant Messenger Connection
Pre-Loaded Messenger Cold Out-Reach Scripts
Effortless Business Page Access
Easy Lead Management
Export to CSV
Export to PDF
Native Integration with ConvertLead and Pages

8k Extra Credits
Commercial Rights

Create 5 Projects
Create Complete Websites
Integrated AI – 50,000 Words
10,000 Monthly Views
All Templates Unlocked
Drag And Drop Editor
Full Access To All Builder Features
Style Features Unlocked
Tabbed Browsing Builder
Auto- Resize For Mobile & Tablet
Edit CSS & HTML (not required)
Layer Management
Download Entire Website As Zip
High Speed Hosting Included
Dozens Of Built In Fonts
Commercial License Included
Includes Critical Marketing Features:
Create Landing Pages
Custom Countdowns
Email capture forms
Google Map
1 Business account
20 websites
15 custom domains
A.I. Assist (300.000 words included)
Drag & Drop Page builder
Push notifications
2 way text messages
Instant New Lead alerts
Conditional actions
Blind Calls
Lightweight CRM
Lead Rotator
Powerful Clients & Leads tracking
Includes Critical Marketing Features:
Create Landing Pages
Custom Countdowns
Email capture forms
Google Map
Unlimited clients (subaccounts)
The Profit Model Intensive
2 Hour Live Workshop
Client Closing Blueprint
Google Ranking Done for you
Top 25 local niches

Bonuses of this product:


SMM Expert Kit
This bonus SMM Expert Kit will make prospects come to you for help with their social media marketing, even if you have no experience or credentials. This kit is packed with top-notch, customizable content that instantly positions you as the expert. You’ll be educating your prospects on practical ways to boost their local social media presence, earn their trust, and seal the deal.


DFY Social Templates
It’s time for action and delivering the service; to do that, you will need to create posts for your clients.For this reason, you get access to a pack of meticulously curated social media post templates in the top 15 local niches like florists, plumbers, dentists, etc. These templates can be customized easily in Canva per your and your clients’ needs. Simply duplicate a template inside Canva and craft compelling posts for your clients in seconds.

The Infinity Prompt
You also get the infinity prompt to help you take advantage of all the done-for-you templates above and simplify the entire fulfillment.
This little gem is your ticket to whipping up endless content for any niche you can think of. It’s like having an unlimited stash of ideas right at your fingertips. Imagine churning out loads of posts with zero sweat, all on your own. Pair it up with the bonus templates above, and you’ll be cranking out months’ worth of content for your clients in just a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is it easy to set up Prospectr after I’ve purchased it?

Answer: YES! After purchasing Prospectr, the setup process is straightforward. Connect your Facebook account to the software and customize your lead search based on your unique business needs.

Question 2: Will I quickly start seeing results with Prospectr?

Answer: YES! The beauty of Prospectr is that it generates leads in real time.

Question 3: Will I quickly get access to my purchase?

Answer: YES! After your purchase, you will receive an email with your login credentials and a link to access the software. You can start using Prospectr immediately after logging in.

Question 4: Is there an easy way to get help if I get stuck or confused?

Answer: YES! As part of your purchase, you get access to priority customer support. Our dedicated support team can assist you if you encounter any issues or need help with the software.

Question 5: Can Prospectr integrate with other tools?

Answer: YES! Prospectr allows you to export leads to CSV format for seamless integration with third-party autoresponders and other tools, optimizing your conversion process.

Question 6: Is there a refund policy?

Answer: YES! We offer a “Gain All, Lose Nothing” Refund Policy. You have a full 14 days to try out Prospectr. If you decide it’s not the right fit for your business, simply contact us, and we’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

Question 7: Can I use Prospectr on multiple devices?

Answer: YES! you can use Prospectr on any device with an internet connection. This includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Final Opinion-User:

I am Akhilias Mardy working as a online content creator. As a content creator I can confidently say that Prospectr by convertlead is a real AI tool that has been incredibly useful for content creation or any other niche. Its wide range of features and capabilities have made my workflow smoother and more efficient. The Prospectr by convertlead consistently delivers impressive result. Its versatility and user friendly interface make it an essential tool for any content creator looking to elevate their content and engage their audience effectively. It’s like have a personal brand team of professional content creator at my fingertips. I highly recommend for this product.