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Introducing of Trex QR with Review

Hi There
Welcome to you on behalf of Trex QR Review blog post. I am here to reopen the secret weapon to be successful in the realm of online marketing. I am talking about Trex QR. Let’s unlock it.
Trex QR is the world’s first QR Service that integrates AI and animation to create stunning QR codes. It has been made with cutting edge QR code technology.
Cutting edge QR code technology. This is a unique platform offering the world’s first QR Service for aiming to increase your conversion, engagement, and stand out from the crowd world.

TrexQR Review-How does it work?

To Unleash Your Creativity and Power Up Your Marketing with T-Rex!just 4 Steps:
SETP #1:
Let Us Create Your First Dynamic QR
Yes Just That Simple
SETP #2:
T-Rex QR Will Help You To Create Maginifcan QRS That Take Your Bussniess to new level
and SETP #3:
Save it and let your audience engage with the magic our T-Rex Made for you
SETP #4:
Unleash the power of your QR code and let it be the bridge that connects you to your audience!

Trex QR Reveiw-key features and benefits of Trex QR:

Affiliates can offer customers animated QR codes that grab attention and generate curiosity.
Customers can showcase their products, services, and offers in a captivating way.
The platform enables collection of leads, feedback, ratings, reviews, and more.
AI QR codes adjust colors to attract attention, providing relevant information, offers, and actions.
Customers get access to track the performance of their QR codes.

More Benefits of Trex QR

Boost Engagement
With our advanced QR code features, you can create dynamic and interactive codes that grab the attention of your customers and keep them engaged
Increase Conversions
By making it easy for your customers to access your content and make purchases, our QR codes can help increase conversions and drive sales for your business
Stand Out In The Market
Our innovative QR code features allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and offer your customers something truly unique and valuable

More Features

Wi-Fi To QR
WhatsApp To QR
YouTube To QR
Twitter To QR
Crypto To QR
Email To QR
Me Card To QR
VCard To QR
Images To QR

Reveiew with Trex QR-Short summery of this software:

Author: Bashar Al Masri
Product name: Trex Qr – AI Animated Qr Code Generator
Launch Date: 2023-Nov-07
Front-End Price: $30
Rating: 4.9 out of 5
Recommend: Highly
Bonus: yes
Support: Very effective
Niche: Software

Trex QR Review -Who is perfect for this Software

It’s perfect for everyone including
Affiliate Marketrer
CPA Marketer
Content Marketer
Email Marketer
Business owners
And You
Who wants to make money online

Review with Trex QR-What can you do using the trex QR

Coupon To QR
T-Rex QR helps businesses create and promote coupons via QR codes. Customize and design coupons to fit your needs, then track their success. Sign up today and boost your sales!
Video To QR Codes
T-Rex QR makes video marketing easier by converting videos into scannable QR codes for mobile viewing. Customizable and trackable, it boosts video accessibility and sharing. Try T-Rex QR today!
Event To QR
Event To QR streamlines event planning with a customizable QR code for ticketing, schedules, and maps. Organizers can also use it to offer exclusives, connect attendees, and gather feedback. Scan and join the fun!
Carousel To QR
Share your treasured memories with style! T-Rex QR lets you create a stunning Carousel of your fav pics. Upload your snaps & we’ll craft a bespoke landing page. Add a custom backdrop or use yr own image/video for an extra-special touch. Relive precious moments in a fun & personal way. Try it out!

T-Rex Platform Will Take Your Business To Whole New World!

Audio To QR
Share your audio with T-Rex QR! Upload your songs or messages, create a QR code, and watch your audience grow. Perfect for musicians and businesses alike. Analyze your results and reach new heights!
Social Media To QR
Maximize your social media reach with T-Rex QR! Upload your profiles and generate a unique QR code that directs people to your pages. Track your code’s performance and see which countries are engaging with your content. Sign up now and start growing your audience!
Application To QR
Take your app to the next level with T-Rex QR! Generate unique QR codes that link to your app’s pages, tracking your code’s performance and analyzing user behavior. Boost your app’s visibility and downloads with T-Rex QR
Google Map Review To QR
Boost your online reputation with Google Reviews! Create QR codes linking to your review page, monitor performance, and build trust with potential customers. Simple and effective with T-Rex QR!
Rating To QR
Gift To QR
Create QR codes for your gift cards with Gift to QR. Scan the QR code to redeem your gift and enjoy. Customize your QR codes with T-Rex QR. Boost your customer loyalty and satisfaction

Review-Pros and Cons of Trex QR :


  • T-Rex QR generator lets you create a flyer page that showcases your QR code in a more attractive and professional way. You can your title, description, and call to action to your flyer page. You can also preview how your flyer page looks.
  • T-Rex QR generator gives you the option to choose from a variety of backgrounds for your QR code image on the flyer page. You can select from solid colors, or images.
  • T-Rex QR generator provides you with several frames for your QR code image on the flyer page. You can choose from different shapes, styles, and effects to make your QR code stand out.
  • T-Rex QR generator supports animation QR, which means you can create animated QR codes that can capture the attention of your audience and increase the scan rate. You have many options to create animation QR, such as uploading your video to GIF QR, uploading image to GIF QR, choosing from pre-made GIFs to put on your QR code, recording video and converting it to GIF QR, and taking a snapshot to GIF QR.


  • Regular QR generators only create a simple QR code image that you can download or share. They do not offer any option to design a flyer page that displays your QR code along with other information
  • Not applicable
  • Not applicable
  • Regular QR generators do not support animation QR, which means you cannot create animated QR codes that can capture the attention of your audience and increase the scan rate.
  • Regular QR generators only allow you to download your QR code image in a few formats, such as PNG, JPG, or SVG. These formats may not be compatible with all devices or platforms.

TreX QR Review-Funnel Journey of this APP:

Front End: T-rexQR Business 29.99 | OR | T-rexQR Agency 36.99
Upsell: QR to Google Review [OTO 1]

  • Price: $14.99
  • If the user selects “Yes” to the upsell, proceed to OTO 4. If the user selects “No,” proceed to OTO 2.
    Upsell: QR to Carousel [OTO 4]
  • Price: $10
  • If the user selects “Yes” to the upsell, proceed to OTO 2. If the user selects “No,” end the funnel. Upsell: QR Flyer Bundle [OTO 2]
  • Price: $9.99
  • If the user selects “Yes” to the upsell, proceed to OTO 7. If the user selects “No,” end the funnel. And Upsell: Extra QR Flyer Frames [OTO 7]
  • Price: $3.99
  • If the user selects “Yes” to the upsell, proceed to OTO 6. If the user selects “No,” end the funnel. Upsell: QR to Rating Landing Page [OTO 6]
  • Price: $6.99
  • If the user selects “Yes” to the upsell, proceed to OTO 3. If the user selects “No,” end the funnel. Upsell: QR Media Bundle [OTO 3]
  • Price: $4.99
  • If the user selects “Yes” to the upsell, proceed to OTO 5. If the user selects “No,” end the funnel. Upsell: QR Studio Bundle [OTO 5]
  • Price: $9.99
  • If the user selects “Yes” to the upsell, end the funnel. If the user selects “No,” end the funnel.

My Final Words-[USER]

I am an affiliate as an affiliate I confidently say that Trex QR is a secret weapon to make money online that has brought me a lot of sales, leads and my conversion. It’s wide range of features has made my work so smother. There are so many tool for increasing leads, Sales, and conversation but it is a real unique tool. Using Trex QR My income has been increased amazingly. It’s just not only effective but also transformational. This is applicable for all online marketer specially for those who want to make money online with in record time. I highly recommend for this Software.

If you are looking for a perfect tool for 2023 then you can try taking this Trex Qr tool. So don’t think twice take decision now and at the same thank you so mu for taking you time to read my review post.